Alexander City Dental Insurance Accepted

At ToothMasters, we understand the importance of finding a dentist that you can trust who also accepts your dental insurance. ToothMasters currently accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, MetLife, Southland as well as other major dental insurance plans. We offer cost effective options for most dental procedures, including dentures and cosmetic dentistryDental care is vital to your oral health, so please do not forgo the care of a dentist because of a lack of dental insurance. Call our office today and speak to our knowledgeable dental staff. We will be glad to discuss your payment options and check to see if we accept the Alexander City dental insurance you carry.

For questions or concerns, call ToothMasters and speak to our insurance specialist. We will gladly help explain your dental insurance coverage and your financial responsibility for treatment. It is our goal to provide high quality, affordable dentistry for everyone in your family.

Dentists That Accept Blue Cross

If you are looking for dentists that accept Blue Cross in Dadeville, call J. Price D.M.D, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.

Dentist That Accepts Southland

For residents of Alexander City, Dadeville or Lake Martin who are looking for a dentist that accepts Southland dental insurance, look no further than ToothMasters and Dr. Joni Price. We are a full service family dental practice offering dental cleanings, check-ups, root canals, implant repairs and restorative dentistry. We also accept MetLife dental coverage and other major dental insurance plans. Let us take care of all of your dentistry needs, call us today for more information regarding our acceptance of your dental insurance coverage.

Our dental staff will work hand in hand with you and your dental insurance carrier to maximize your dental plan coverage. We care about your oral health and will make every effort to ensure you get the care you need and the attention you deserve. Contact our Alexandery City Dental Insurance Accepted Professionals today.

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