Alexander City Root Canals

Are you experiencing a severe toothache while chewing or when you put pressure on your teeth? Do you have extreme sensitivity to hot or cold, even when you take the temperature causing source away from your tooth? These are a few symptoms people face when they need a root canal. If you are looking for an experienced dentist to handle your Alexander City root canal, call the office of Dr. J Price D.M.D. Dr. Price can offer relief from the pain of your damaged tooth.

If your personal dental health is being compromised by an infected tooth or a tooth riddled with decay, call ToothMasters today. A root canal procedure is used to repair and save a tooth that is problematic.

Dadeville AL Root Canals Dentist

If you notice a darkening or discoloration on your tooth or swelling or tenderness in your gums this could indicate a problem with the nerve or health of your tooth. Occasionally a persistent pimple may show up on your gum which is another sign of an impending root canal. Dr. Price is a well known and respected root canal dentist in and around Dadeville AL, so if you notice any symptoms call ToothMasters right away.

A tooth may need a root canal when deep decay has not been properly treated or if you have repeated dental procedures done on a certain tooth. Teeth that have large fillings or cracks are susceptible to root canals. Root canals can also be necessary if you experience trauma to your face from an accident or fall.

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We know that the pain from an infected or inflamed tooth can be debilitating. When you are in pain and need a root canal dentist near Lake Martin, call ToothMasters immediately. Dr. Price offers emergency dental care and can help relieve the pain caused by a tooth in need of a root canal. Contact our Alexander City Root Canals Specialists today to make an appointment.

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