Alexander City Teeth Extractions

If you suffer with pain from a damaged tooth or need your problematic wisdom teeth removed, make an appointment at ToothMasters for painless teeth extractions in Alexander City. Teeth extractions are never a welcomed event, but if it must be done, let the gentle, caring hands of Dr. Joni Price do the job.

Dr. Price and the professional dental staff at ToothMasters perform expert teeth extractions regularly. Perhaps your tooth has too much decay to be properly restored. Some people suffer from overcrowding in their mouth and need one or several teeth removed. Dr. Price can offer relief and affordable dental options for all types of tooth extractions.

Dadeville Wisdom Teeth Removal

Whether it is time to have your wisdom teeth out or you need cosmetic dental care, call the office of J. Price D.M.D., P.C. at ToothMasters for painless Dadeville wisdom teeth removal. You will find comfort in the relaxing and caring office of Dr. Price. Our entire staff works hand in hand to ensure you have the most comfortable visit possible. When problematic wisdom teeth pose a threat to your overall oral health, it is important to have the teeth removed by an experienced dental professional.

Tooth Extraction Dentist Lake Martin

Are you looking for a tooth extraction dentist in Lake Martin to remove a damaged tooth? The reasons for needing a tooth extracted are numerous, so whether you have severe gum disease, a fractured tooth, extreme decay or wisdom teeth that need to go, you can trust our dental team for compassionate and thorough dental care. Our family dental care office should be your first call if you are in need of a tooth extraction dentist near Lake Martin.

ToothMasters is a full service, comprehensive family dental office serving patients in the greater Lake Martin and Alexander City area. Contact our Alexander City Teeth Extraction Experts today. We look forward to being the answer to all of your dental needs.

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