Alexander City Teeth Whitening Dentists

If your smile isn't as bright as it used to be or the medication that you have been taking has caused a darkening of your teeth, it may be time to consider professional teeth whitening. If you are looking for affordable and reliable teeth whitening dentists in Alexander City, look no further than Dr. J. Price D.M.D and the dental team atToothMasters.

ToothMasters offers the very best teeth whitening technology available as part of our cosmetic dental services. Transform your smile with professional teeth whitening in a matter of days! Most often teeth darken or stain over time due to coffee, tea, soft drink and juice consumption. Teeth whitening can even work if your teeth are yellowish or grey from your genetic makeup. Let ToothMasters give you the brilliant white smile you've always wanted.

Dadeville Teeth Bleaching

Our professional Dadeville teeth bleaching system is quite different than over the counter or store bought methods. Your first step to a bright white smile starts with a consultation with Dr. Joni Price. Dr. Price will evaluate your teeth to determine if whitening is a good option for you. She can also discuss reasonable outcomes for achieving the desired results you are looking for with professional teeth bleaching.

Once it has been determined that teeth whitening is a viable option for you, Dr. Price and the dental team at ToothMasters will make a custom impression of your teeth to make a whitening tray. Your personal whitening tray will fit comfortably in your mouth and help evenly distribute and apply the prescribed whitening formula.

Lake Martin AL Teeth Whitening

For superior results from your Lake Martin AL teeth whitening treatments, trust the dental professionals at ToothMasters. Professional grade whiteners safely allow oxygen to penetrate the enamel on your teeth which allows the underlying color or stains to carefully be removed, leaving bright white teeth after a few simple treatments.

Dr. Price will ensure you have a properly fitting whitening tray and give you solution and a treatment plan that will be completed at home. Contact our Alexander City Teeth Whitening Dentists at ToothMasters today for a brighter and whiter smile tomorrow.

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